ZOZ addenda:

   Enhancing the skip
   A handy ALU function
   ZOZ instruction format
   Reliability Indexes
   Memories are ideas *

WIZ addenda:

   More WIZ circuits
   Ivan Sutherland's 1989 paper introducing micro-pipelines


   Axioms of Computing
   Swift's Three Laws of Simplicity
       For the best description anywhere of what the WIZ project is really about, see Law of Simplcity #2A, "Believe in fundamental truths", page 3.
   How they got stuck in a rut
   The WIZ Mind


   The secret backstory of Swift Enterprises
   ZOZ/WIZ Admin Scale
   Swift Bonds. Buy now!!
   ZOZ definitions
   Now hiring!
   Not ready for prime time

* indicates this chapter has been significantly updated in the last 30 days.

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