The Swift SE-1

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -- R. Buckminster Fuller

Please read this in order. I introduce many ideas and pieces of the total concept in sequence. Every chapter assumes you know the ideas presented in the previous chapters. If you skip around, you will not understand! -- Steven Swift

The Fundamental paradigm: A -> B

   o   The A -> B paradigm

The WIZ microprocessor

   o   The A -> B paradigm in hardware
   o   The WIZ Frontend in detail
   o   The WIZ Backend in detail
   o   Instruction timing
   o     Timing: ILP and OOO
   o     Timing: datapaths and pipelines

   Possible WIZ Backend functions:
   o   What functions does a WIZ have?
   o   Simple syntax
   o   Primitive arithmetic operators
   o   Conditional skip
   o   RAM
   o   The gateway circuit
   o   Constants
   o   Stored programs
   o   Summary

The SE-1 chip

   o   A chip full of WIZes
   o   Inter-WIZ functions
   o   Naked WIZes
   o   WIZ-level parallelization
   o   On-chip power and radio
   o   OS services and the placement algorithm
   o   The Power of Simplicity


   o   Chapters in progress - should be done by mid-May


   o   Misc bits and pieces
   o   Rationale behind the WIZ
   o   The Mars project