Computation in the WIZ

Computation in the WIZ is identical to Computation in the ZOZ. If you just hit "Back to main index" below, you will find the "Computation in the ZOZ" section. If you haven't read it, then go read it now. Just think "WIZ" whenever it says "ZOZ".

Generic devices and parallelism are much more relevant to the very small size and time scales of the WIZ, and so we place the following chapters below. These apply to the ZOZ as well, but in the context of ZOZ we were less worried about optimizing nanoseconds.

More on computation in the WIZ

1.  Generic computation
2.  Out of order instructions and parallelizing multiple devices
3.  No subroutines: just multiple parallel WIZes on a chip
4.  Software pipelines

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