Computation in the WIZ

Computation in the WIZ is identical to Computation in the ZOZ. If you haven't already read it, go read it now. (Just click on "Back to main index" below, then find the "Computation in the ZOZ" section. And just think "WIZ" whenever it says "ZOZ").

However, in the context of ZOZ we did not focus at all on timing considerations. For the WIZ, timing becomes quite important. Instruction level parallelism and subroutine level parallelism apply equally to WIZ and ZOZ, but were not discussed in the ZOZ chapters. And so we add them below. You still need to read the "Computation in the ZOZ" section first though, if you have not, in order to better understand the following.

Parallel computation in the WIZ:

  1.  Out of order instructions and parallelizing multiple devices
  2.  No subroutines: just multiple parallel WIZes on a chip
  3.  Software pipelines

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