My contact info and schedule

call or text me at: 323.696.2488
email or message me at: steve@swiftEnterprises.org
connect with me on LinkedIn (as Steven Swift)
I live somewhere in San Jose, CA. Time zone PST/PDT.

Zoom me by clicking here
I mostly work at night and am as likely to be awake at 4am as 4pm.
Appear in my Zoom room at any random time!
If I am up I will see the popup and let u in.
I work alone and love "interruptions".
Or schedule it first by text message.
Either way, Zoom is my preferred method of communication, anytime 24/7.

All my devices are on silent always. My phone is permanently on voicemail. My Zoom popup is silent.
Feel free to call/text/email/zoom 24/7, I just might be up.

To schedule an appointment, look below!
I generally keep this calendar very up-to-date.
Find a suitable time and text me to request that time.

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